If you have ever walked around Mayan ruins, if you have ever climbed the Chichen Itza ruins and marveled at the astounding view, if you have ever had the privilege of climbing through the clouds to sit atop Machu Picchu, or marveled at Aztec ruins, or indeed if you have ever walked the perilous and slippery winding steps of a long forgotten castle ruin, then you would already know the magic and mystery of those magnificent ancient ruins.

From cities to humble cottages, ruins retain the spirit of their time, purely because they were abandoned to it. There are many amazing and beautiful ruins to visit throughout the world but it is only when standing in the midst of a deserted ruin where one can truly feel the spirits of our ancestors standing alongside us and, unlike historical houses and museums, ruins seem to retain the mystery of their abandonment.

From the wondrous ruins and monuments of the pre-conquistador America's to the 'Classical' ruins of Rome, Greece and Egypt, the Castle ruins of Europe, the mysterious ruins of Africa and the temple ruins of Asia, human beings have left these monuments to their intelligence, vanity and tenacity. Thankfully for us these ruins provide us with places to connect with our forefathers and places that, when visited, can fill us with wonderment.

Not only do ruins capture our imagination and demand our attention, the oldest standing abandoned ancient ruins in the world, such as the 5,000 year old Megalithic ruins of Malta, The Knap of Howar ruins in Scotland, Newgrange in Ireland and Stonehenge in England, continue to baffle and astound archeologists and historians today. Ruins give us an insight into the minds of our forefathers and into the Civilizations in which they lived, although some of these ruins may also remind us of the knowledge that those Civilizations possessed which has perhaps been lost to us today.

No matter where you live in the world, there is no doubt a ruin somewhere close by, from the Puebloan ruins in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah, the Mayan, Aztec and Olmec ruins in Central America, the Inca ruins in Peru, the Great Zimbabwe ruins in East Africa, Roman ruins in North Africa and also the lesser known 'local' ruins scattered throughout the world.

There are literary thousands of man made ruins on the Planet and it would require a many-paged web site to list them all, however this is an excellent starting point if you wish to discover more about ruins or if you are thinking about visiting these wondrous places, as we endeavor to include information on as many ruins as we possibly can in this one place.

Mayan Ruins

Chichen Itza, Tikal and Coba are just some of the amazing ruins built by the mysterious Mayan civilization

Ancient Ruins

From the pyramids of Egypt and the stone circles of northern Europe,ancient ruins can bring history alive